6 GB of RAM but just 4 working

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On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 23:35, Fred Roller <froller at tnclimited.com> wrote:

> 64 bit is supposed to have access in the neighborhood of gobs. ;-)
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> *Re: ? Maximum RAM on 64bit*
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> a 64bit system can assign up to 2^64byte --> 16 Exabyte

There's a big difference between the theoretical limit of gobs and the
realistic limit imposed by hardware, power consumption, and the

Only recently have I seen 64 bit kernels that would actually function
on a system with 1TB of phys RAM, even addressing all of it properly.
Prior to that, I saw 64 bit kernels on 512GB systems that could only
address 256GB, or sometimes 400 or so GB before dumping all

So yeah, in theory, a 64bit should allow for addressing up to the
proverbial gob, but in reality, it's still closer to addressing a very
large goober ;-)



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