6 GB of RAM but just 4 working

Fred Roller froller at tnclimited.com
Wed Feb 10 04:35:26 UTC 2010

Tom H wrote:
>>>> I put in the 4 GB new RAM and have the old 2GB in as well but
>>>> for some reason Lucid only says 4 GB on top. I know the old
>>>> one might be slower than the new, but not sure that would
>>>> cause it to not be seen.
>>> Some boards can only access 4GB (or less depending on age). Check the spec.
>> Dont you have to install the server version to access more ram?
>> http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-4gb-ram-limitation-solution/
> You have to install a "Server"/PAE kernel if you are using a 32-bit
> kernel but Karl has said that he is using a 64-bit kernel.
64 bit is supposed to have access in the neighborhood of gobs. ;-)




*Re: ? Maximum RAM on 64bit*
a 64bit system can assign up to 2^64byte --> 16 Exabyte

The emergence of the 64-bit architecture effectively increases the 
memory ceiling to 264 addresses, equivalent to approximately 17.2 
billion gigabytes, 16.8 million terabytes, or 16 exabytes of RAM.

The only question that now remains is will 16 Exabytes be enough to load 
the whole internet into ram or will I need a 128bit processor? (And if 
so, how long will it take to wget http://*)
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Yep, gobs.



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