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Anthony M. Rasat anthony.rasat at
Mon Feb 8 04:03:20 UTC 2010

Robert Spanjaard wrote:
>I don't know, but in poor countries there will be a lot more
>than where we 

It is true and false.
Some old computer equipped with CDROM I encountered were broken. Accumulated dust, weaken laser etc. But it is true, some CDROM drive survives.

I was asking a computer vendor a CD+/-RW drive around a couple years ago and he replied, "A CDRW drive costs about the same with a DVD-ROM/CDRW these days. Do you still want it?" Ewww, I prefer DVD-ROM/CDRW, thank you. 

Today, I will having a hard time finding a DVD-ROM/CD-RW. Most vendors sells DVD writer. Why wouldn't they? It reads and writes DVDs AND CDs.

>CD's are still a lot cheaper to distribute, so it's a 
>cost saver for Canonical as well.

It is true. Let me back it up with few figures.

A blank CD writeable costs around 2 up to 2.5 US cents. A blank DVD writeable costs 7.5 cents up to USD 1. These figures can be found here in South East Asia (my country is Indonesia, btw). 

A mass-produced CD costs less than that considering economical advantage of mass manufactured products and don't forget, CDs still can be read by any DVD drives. It is not vice versa.

Canonical may wants to reconsider DVD though, compare with if they have to send two CDs in a package. Mailing costs would've been double if so.


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