Linux dpkg Software Report version upgrade.

Ray Parrish crp at
Sun Feb 7 23:07:47 UTC 2010


This note is for anyone who previously downloaded, and installed my 
Linux dpkg Software Report.

I have learned more about bash, and have incorporated the new tricks 
I've learned into a complete re-writing of the script set.

The newest version 1.20 no longer has any bugs in it's output 
whatsoever. I have thoroughly tested it, and all is well now.

I have also gotten all four textual list delimiter representations 
[-,*,+,o] interpreted, and correctly formatted into HTML list structures 
now. The earlier versions only supported the -, and * characters as 
textual list delimiters.

I have re-written the code that converts http, and ftp urls into 
clickable links, and have actually combined the previous two separate 
functions for http, and ftp into one much shorter, tighter function 
which handles both.

Prior to learning how to suppress bash's stripping of leading white 
space from lines it was not possible to get everything formatted 
correctly, but now that I know how to set the IFS variable so that 
leading spaces are not stripped I am able to correctly react to the 
number of spaces on the front of a line of the dpkg output, and 
everything is working 100% now.

So please download, and install the newest version 1.20 of the Linux 
dpkg Software Report from the page in the first link in my signature 
bock. It's even marginally faster than the older versions thanks to some 
optimizing I did during this rewrite.

Later, Ray Parrish

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