installing XP

Joep L. Blom jlblom at
Sun Feb 7 22:03:32 UTC 2010

Amedee Van Gasse wrote:
> On 07-02-10 16:51, Gary Kirkpatrick wrote:
>> Looks like the wifes laptop is on the way to a major repair so we will
>> be sharing for a while.  She insists on using windows.  When I install
>> XP it will windows wipe the entire disk, forcing me to reinstall?  Any
>> way to save any of my ubuntu settings?  I do not have an external
>> drive with me but I do have a CD-DVD rw drive.
>> Any way to wipe wifes decision making sector and replace parts of it
>> with ones I prefer?  Is there a special Linux program for this?
>> Thanks to all you fabulous people!  I really appreciate this list!
>> gary
>> sorry about the lack of apostrophes.  Did not want to switch from the
>> Spanish keyboard.  Maybe one of you can teach me how to switch back
>> and forth more easily than using preferences-keyboard.  But thats for
>> another post.
> How about installing VirtualBox, and WinXP as a guest in a virtual 
> machine? After all, your wife is a guest on your computer too! ;-)
I agree completely with Amedee. Install either VirtualBox or VMware 
Player. Both are free. I have used both and at the moment prefer Vmware 
Player due to a better audio behavior. a smaller footprint and less 
processor overhead.
My € 0,02

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