No more OOo in UNR 10.04

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Sun Feb 7 17:30:36 UTC 2010

On Sun, 07 Feb 2010 12:20:05 -0500
Rashkae <ubuntu at> wrote:

> While I haven't compared performance with Google docs, or even ever
> used google docs myself, the undeniable truth is that OO is a brute
> in terms of computer memory/resource usage, load time and disk space,
> all of which will contribute to a bad 'experience' on a small power
> netbook. If Google docs provides a lighter weight means of
> opening/editing commonly used documents while retaining good
> compatibility with Windows and Mac users (one might argue, better
> compatibility, since penetration of OO installs in North American
> remains small) then it's the right choice.
> I do wish, however, to do more for the sake of weening people away
> from reliance on proprietary software, even that which they use
> indirectly (rather than installed on their HD.)  But one of the
> reasons that Ubuntu has had so much success is that it balances
> practicality with open source, rather than focused on idealism.

The obvious thing to do is have the OOo team stick OpenOffice in the
cloud, too, and let us use it there.  I agree with what you say and
with Canonical's position Re: monetizing Ubuntu somehow, but still
don't trust google very far.

Cybe R. Wizard
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