No more OOo in UNR 10.04

Rashkae ubuntu at
Sun Feb 7 17:20:05 UTC 2010

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> On Sun, 07 Feb 2010 09:41:01 -0500
> Rashkae <ubuntu at> wrote:
>> Mark C. Miller wrote:
>>> Was disappointed to learn that OOo will be replaced with Google
>>> Docs in UNR as of 10.04.  I really hate the idea of being forced to
>>> work in the cloud.  The link to the details is located here:
>>> <http://
>>> edition-10-04/>.
>>> I can only hope that OOo will still be available through Synaptic
>>> for UNR.
>>> mcm
>> Of course it will, and no one is forcing google docs on you.  They
>> are simply changing what gets installed by default from the CD.
> Could it also be a money-making decision on the part of Canonical?
> Google might be more than happy to pay for its inclusion.

It might be.  But so far, Canonical has always been up front about what 
they get paid for, despite the inevitable rage they get from people who 
would probably be happier with Debian instead.

While I haven't compared performance with Google docs, or even ever used 
google docs myself, the undeniable truth is that OO is a brute in terms 
of computer memory/resource usage, load time and disk space, all of 
which will contribute to a bad 'experience' on a small power netbook. 
If Google docs provides a lighter weight means of opening/editing 
commonly used documents while retaining good compatibility with Windows 
and Mac users (one might argue, better compatibility, since penetration 
of OO installs in North American remains small) then it's the right choice.

I do wish, however, to do more for the sake of weening people away from 
reliance on proprietary software, even that which they use indirectly 
(rather than installed on their HD.)  But one of the reasons that Ubuntu 
has had so much success is that it balances practicality with open 
source, rather than focused on idealism.

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