installing XP

Odd iodine at
Sun Feb 7 16:34:01 UTC 2010

Gary Kirkpatrick wrote:
>> To save your settings just save the '.' hidden files in your /home folder.
>>> Any way to wipe wifes decision making sector and replace parts of it
>>> with ones I prefer?  Is there a special Linux program for this?
>> Don’t understand this
> I was referring to the part of her brain which makes her a windows
> user.  I was a bit too obstruse.
> Thanks for the advice.  What does  '.' mean here?  I copy the hidden
> files to say a flash drive and then copy them into your /home folder
> after windows is installed?  Seems like I am missing something here.
> My 1st partition is just data so I would move the data and install Xp
> there, right?
> You said:
> There are various possibilities for this.
> If the machines suitable you could run XP in a virtual machine.
> Shrink your Linux partition, create an NTFS partition and install XP
> there. It may have to be the first partition though, so you would need to
> shrink and move your Linux partition.
> Are there two possibilities here?  Virtual machine (don t know
> anything about that) and 2. shrink partition.  Thats what I am
> familiar with doing.

Check out this:


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