installing XP

Gary Kirkpatrick pegngaryubuntu at
Sun Feb 7 16:25:08 UTC 2010

> To save your settings just save the '.' hidden files in your /home folder.
>> Any way to wipe wifes decision making sector and replace parts of it
>> with ones I prefer?  Is there a special Linux program for this?
> Don’t understand this

I was referring to the part of her brain which makes her a windows
user.  I was a bit too obstruse.

Thanks for the advice.  What does  '.' mean here?  I copy the hidden
files to say a flash drive and then copy them into your /home folder
after windows is installed?  Seems like I am missing something here.

My 1st partition is just data so I would move the data and install Xp
there, right?

You said:

There are various possibilities for this.
If the machines suitable you could run XP in a virtual machine.
Shrink your Linux partition, create an NTFS partition and install XP
there. It may have to be the first partition though, so you would need to
shrink and move your Linux partition.

Are there two possibilities here?  Virtual machine (don t know
anything about that) and 2. shrink partition.  Thats what I am
familiar with doing.



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