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xinchen xinchen97 at
Sun Feb 7 13:29:39 UTC 2010

> > I  don't think that the many versions of Linux is that big a problem
> > to virus writers. Lets face it, most Linux systems are running one
> of
> > the top 5 distros and most of the others are the same distros with
> > different software packages selected. Making 5 different viruses is
> > not that hard for some slimy professional mafia type hacker.
> Social engineering is one of the most effective ways to infect a
> OS, and if Linux becomes popular enough, it will happen here
> too.
good point, Social engineering is the main reason leading to  virus
infect. the mail goal of viruses. the majority  of viruses aimed at
stealing computer user's personal information. if Linux becomes popular
enough, i think that there will be a lot of viruses spread in the Linux

> >> > 6.No, ?although I've been using openoffice for a long time.I do
> have
> >> to
> >> > say word is powerful and better than openoffice, in my
> experience.
> >>
> >> Got examples for that one? I have been using MS Word and Open
> Office
> >> and have yet to use 99% of ether with my personal use or my small
> >> business use. I could really just use MS notepad or Kate 90% of the
> >> time. I have no idea what most people use in MS Word that Open
> Office
> >> can't do. Same goes for Photoshop VS Gimp. I am a 3d artist and
> still
> >> don't use most of the functions of ether program. I LOVE blender 3d
> >> and as far as I know, MS has nothing close and for sure nothing
> free.
> > yes MS Word is non-free but the compatible of open office ?is not
> good
> > for Chinese , if you use openoffice open a file which write in
> Chinese
> > and save in Microsoft Office file formats, you'll have a bad
> > experience
> Interesting, but hardly important for the majority of users. Do you
> have that problem with all MS format saves from Open Office or just
> saving to newer MS format? I don't know about you but if I had to
> write to Chinese in Chinese (I took a year of it and that is one HARD
> language), I would just send the file in some format that they can
> read like PDF. If we must work together then perhaps they can install
> Open Office. Why should I have to pay and install word? Also Word runs
> just fine for me on Wine (Have not tried that trick in years though.).

thanks for your suggestions, i translate the openoffice files into PDF
and sent them to Chinese. but now there is a problem, I need to edit the
files written in Chinese and saved in MS Word2003 format. when i use
openoffice open the files . the files can not be  displayed correctly. i
have to re-edit the files in openoffice and then start my work.

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