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Rashkae ubuntu at
Sat Feb 6 16:32:57 UTC 2010

Chris Jones wrote:

> Nothing is stopping you buying a newer version of MS office...
> If the point you are trying to make is OO is free, so you can upgrade whenever you want, whereas MS office isn't free, then great. A very fair and valid point. But on a purely technically level it is not fair to compare a 6 year old obsolete application to the latest and greatest of another, when an upgrade for the older package is available (free or otherwise).
> cheers Chris

My favourite is still Office 97,, it had/has all the features I've ever 
wanted to use, and the thing is *fast*.  There's very little waiting for 
your computer to load up when using that program.  Unfortunately, MS in 
their wisdom now has people with new computers using a different file 
format by default, and I need to migrate users to an application that 
can open those files.  (for most people, that means Open Office and they 
are quite happy with it.)

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