How to Wubi Install Ubuntu in VGA mode?

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On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 12:21 PM, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:

> On 02/03/2010 10:37 PM, Michael Haney wrote:
> > I'm not sure how to do that.  I know Wubi reboots to a GUI mode that's
> > guided by an install script.  The Alternative CD is the only way I
> > know of to install using Safe-Mode graphics (ASCII graphics).
> >
> > What issues do you have when you install the Nvidia graphics drives?
> > Is it the fact that you can't access resolutions beyond 640x480?
> > If this is so its due to the new way detects you're graphics
> > hardware and monitor.  Previous versions of Ubuntu before 7.10 would
> > let you specify what type of monitor you have manually from the screen
> > resolution app.  Its was removed in 8.04 and hasn't been put back
> > since.  This has caused a lot of chaos, since doesn't always
> > properly detect what kind of monitor you have and what settings it
> > will support.  ...
> It's still in 8.04; it's just hidden in the Application menu. Right
> click Applications|Edit Menus|Other|check 'Screens and Graphics'.
> It was removed in later versions due the changes in the xserver.
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Great information and thank you all very much.  I will read through the
information and try the suggestions.  Basically, if I try to use the Nvidia
driver, the display goes to about a 32x24 pixel screen (approximately) and I
was not able to recover from the problem and ended up reinstalling Ubuntu
twice.  A couple of things to note are the system was almost free because
the LCD backlight is out and I am using the system on an external monitor
(tried two different monitors) for now until I can buy an LCD to replace
this one.

Thank you all again and I will try a different way,
Rocky Mountain High
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