OT: gmane / Pan

p.echols at comcast.net p.echols at comcast.net
Fri Feb 5 19:41:55 UTC 2010

----- "sktsee" <sktsee at tulsaconnect.com> wrote:

> On Thu, 04 Feb 2010 19:25:50 -0800, Patton Echols wrote:
> > I've been able to connect to the sounder list on gmane using Pan. 
> If I
> > read the "About" page correctly, I should be able to subscribe by
> > sending to the list and then getting a confirm.  Does that sound
> right?
> > or am I nuts?  Thanks
> Yes.

Yeah, wide open for that one.  

> (sorry, too tempting to resist)
> That's basically it. The first time you post through gmane to the list
> via a newsreader or gmane's web interface, and it'll send you an email
> for confirmation. Once you've confirmed, your messages get posted to
> the 
> list.

Thanks.  I had tried it, and waited an hour plus with nothing before asking here.  I finally did get a confirm email which took another six hours.  I guess I am as into "instant gratification" as the next guy.

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