RFC, submission: ubuntu technical moderated list

Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Fri Feb 5 17:38:28 UTC 2010

On 05-02-10 05:04, Christopher Chan wrote:

> What I find most amusing is why would you even want a mailing list that
> is ONLY technical support for an operating system. This issue of people
> wanting to talk about Ubuntu has come up so often I believe

and thats why we have sounder at lists.ubuntu.com. We don't need a new 
private list for that either.

> that others who run mailing lists with the rule - ontopic = distro
> related - have got it right.
> Which, incidentally, is also how most open source software related lists
> are run.

It seems that Ubuntu doesn't work that way, and who am I to doubt the 
decisions made by Ubuntu/Canonical? If i want to play in their team, I'd 
better follow their rules.

> The forums are far more suitable for that. One plugs in when one wants
> and one unplugs when one is done. Making it 'technical support only'
> will only mean a guarantee of future repeated breaches of this one and
> only policy.

Newsgroups are sooo eighties.
Mailing lists are sooo nineties.
Forums are sooo noughties.

Where is the official Ubuntu Facebook group?

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