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On 03/02/2010 14:58, Hrishikesh Murali wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 6:03 PM, q0k <q0k.character at
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>     I don't play games. They make no sense. You *must *see it. The
>     fact that Windows is better in games makes me hate Microsoft even
>     more...
> You hating games must have nothing to do the you hating Microsoft. The
> only reason games work well in windows is because the game vendors
> code it for Windows!
> This is not something that will change overnight, as Microsoft must be
> paying the game vendors (I am not sure about this, but have heard news
> like this going around) and so the game vendors have every right to
> code it for Microsoft Windows.
> But we (open source community) do not take cash from our users for
> buying out stuff because we believe that money is not everything that
> is needed for computers and its wonderful capabilities, and so
> therefore cannot pay game vendors like EA Games, etc. to code games
> for Linux.
> Like I previously mentioned, "this is not something that will change
> overnight". So I guess we just have to do with "playwithlinux" and
> other similar open source softwares for now, which help us run windows
> executables in a linux environment.
> The gaming part of linux is developing, though not very much. I am
> guessing our coders have better jobs to do (like enhancing the kernel,
> debugging, etc.) than code games ;)
> I hope you get my point, I don't mean any offense of any sort :)

Actually, on my Toshiba Tecra M2 (yeah, an OLD laptop)... games like
World of Warcraft run faster on Ubuntu, using Crossover Office to offer
a Windows emulation and run the game in, than natively on Windows. This
is particularly visible entering Ironforge where huge amounts of
textures have to be loaded from the disk into RAM and Windows I/O is
pathetic compared to Linux.

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