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On Wed, 2010-02-03 at 19:41 +0900, q0k wrote:
> 2 basic questions.
> 1) I have been using Windows for 5 years. Why should I choose Ubuntu?
> 2) Which version is better for home use by a student - 9.10 or 8.4? Why?

I changed to Ubuntu-Linux because:
-- I am in charge again (of my computer). I feel I am the owner. In
Windows I had the impression that Bill Gates was the owner. (Linux never
says: You are not permitted to ...... Linux gives helpful hints
This is much related to the saying: In Linux you have a choice (if you
dont like THIS Linux or application, there is always another one).
(in Windows we did not have much of a choice).

--In Linux I have to learn my system only once (in my lifetime). I often
got mad in Windows when I was forced to upgrade.
 -- familiarize myself with the new Windows version.
 -- the computer tech repairing my computer said: I am sorry, I am not
familiar with your version of Windows, it is too old. I cannot repair
your computer.

 --In Linux I started with Ubuntu LTS (Long Time Support). I enjoyed
that. While others enjoyed the latest and the best, I enjoyed a stable
environment. Where I could get familiar with the little problems one by
one. I learned quite a bit (novice knowledge, very basic). I now have
the confidence/experience. I am not depending on LTS anymore.

 --Linux has a heart ..... When I have a problem I come to this list. I
get answers from friends with a heart for my little problems.
I dont think Windows has a heart .....

If the above is too long ....... just read this:
In MSDOS I had fun computing (I knew what I was doing, I had the MSDOS
manual if I had a question).
Windows took the fun out of my computing (closed system). I was lost,
very lost .... (I think MSDOS is out the window ...)
Now in Ubuntu-Linux the fun is back. GUI mostly .... even MSDOS
(errrr ...Command-Line-Interface, cli) is back .....

Dont ask so many questions, just say YES to Linux.
You dont have to ditch Windows .... most of us have Windows. We are free
to use either OS, any time .... You are too. (I use Windows 2 to 4 times
A YEAR. Linux many hours every day).

herman in .ph

Herman. Just one click to see me.

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