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On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 12:37 PM, M. Fioretti <mfioretti at> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 03, 2010 20:21:17 PM +0900, q0k (q0k.character at wrote:
>> maintained until the latest date. Why two types - "long term support" and
>> "short term support"
> these are generic software terms.
> long term support: less tools and frills, slightly less new => easier
>                                  to keep bug-free for longer periods
> short term support: latest and greatest of everything, from features to
>                    eye candy => more possibilities of bugs, hence,
>                    less commitment from developers to keep it working
>                    for long periods
> the first is for businesses and everybody else who doesn't want to
> mess with software every other quarter. The second is for people who
> want to experiment and accept for this more frequent re-installs and
> maybe more configuration effort, or DO need some features which are
> absent for stability reasons from the other versions.
>> understanding what Ubuntu file browser looks like. At Ubuntu website, I don't
>> see a single hint about it.
> ? The "file browser" is the very first screenshot on the right when
> you load
> In any case, the term more used in Linux is "file manager", not file
> browser, that may be the reason why you don't find anything. The
> Ubuntu default file manager is called Nautilus, type "ubuntu nautilus"
> in a search engine and you'll find lots of explanations and
> screenshots.
>        Marco
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No one here has said it but what you get with Linux that you don't get
with Windows is about 5000 free programs that are mostly at least as
good as the MS programs. Sure there as programs out there that are
only on MS and not Linux that some people need but it can also be said
the other way round. Most of the free software will run on MS; that is
a fact that you don't hear here much but it is true.

Linux is WAY more flexible that MS. With Linux virus worry is a thing
of the past as is all the pain that comes with virus checkers. For
each task you must do, like text editing or file browsing, Linux will
give you a choice of about 5 to 30 programs to pick from, this can be
a bit overwhelming at first so just stick with what a given distro
comes with. In most cases smart people picked them out to fit with any
give linux distro. (BTW Ubuntu is a great fist distro to try). You
also can pick from many desktops. Ubuntu has 3 main ones but a lot of
others too. THose are KDE4, Gnome (comes with Ubuntu all set up), XFCE
desktop environment. You can start with Ubuntu and with a simple
command install the other 2 if you have the Hard Drive space. You can
pick at sign in which one to use that day.

Linux is Free as in beer and free and is Freedom!!

Douglas E Knapp

Open Source Sci-Fi mmoRPG Game project.

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