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> maintained until the latest date. Why two types - "long term support" and
> "short term support"

these are generic software terms.

long term support: less tools and frills, slightly less new => easier
     	  	   	      	  to keep bug-free for longer periods

short term support: latest and greatest of everything, from features to
      	   	    eye candy => more possibilities of bugs, hence,
      	   	    less commitment from developers to keep it working
      	   	    for long periods

the first is for businesses and everybody else who doesn't want to
mess with software every other quarter. The second is for people who
want to experiment and accept for this more frequent re-installs and
maybe more configuration effort, or DO need some features which are
absent for stability reasons from the other versions.

> understanding what Ubuntu file browser looks like. At Ubuntu website, I don't
> see a single hint about it.

? The "file browser" is the very first screenshot on the right when
you load

In any case, the term more used in Linux is "file manager", not file
browser, that may be the reason why you don't find anything. The
Ubuntu default file manager is called Nautilus, type "ubuntu nautilus"
in a search engine and you'll find lots of explanations and

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