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Wed Feb 3 11:27:22 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 03, 2010 20:03:37 PM +0900, q0k (q0k.character at wrote:

>     writing school projects YES (a lot)
>     software development YES (a little)
> I also suppose that you know " what Ubuntu has and Windows hasn't "
> better than I do.

Probably, but answering without knowing YOUR own needs wouldn't be
very productive. Anyway, writing school projects is something you can
certainly do with OpenOffice on Windows, without even switching
operating systems. Unless:

- your school demands that you deliver your projects not only in
  Microsoft file formats, but following some real weird formatting
  rule that OpenOffice can't emulate.
- you need to write lots of very complicated math equations

if you have problems with OpenOffice at that level, on Windows, then
you'll find them identical on OpenOffice on Ubuntu.

If you want to do software development, then any Linux is, I'd say,
much, much better than Windows. In the Ubuntu CD or in the online
Ubuntu repositories you'll find, gratis and legally, a whole set of
compilers, debuggers and other tools that lots of professionals
use. The exception is if you want to develop software for some weird
language or hardware that has no development tools running on Linux,
but that would be weird.

Other than that, what Ubuntu has more than Windows is (at least)
built-in immunity to Windows viruses and a much more customizable user
interface. there are probably other things, but that's what comes to
my mind right now.

A little know but very powerful tool for homeschooling: Free Software:

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