OpenVPN bridged network

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Tue Feb 2 06:25:17 UTC 2010

On Monday, February 01, 2010 12:08 AM, Johnneylee Rollins wrote:
> Hey, I want to set up a vpn server on my server and I know there is a
> how-to out there, but I can't find it.
> The situation is I want to use my vpn server to connect any friends
> who are on the vpn so we can game, share files and chat securely.
> The ubuntu community documentation didn't work, but if someone thinks
> I should try that I will. There is a lot of documentation on openvpn's
> site as well, if someone can point me in the direction of which doc to
> read and apply, I would be indebted to you.
> If someone could also volunteer to hold my hand while I get it all up
> and running and test it, I'd be super happy.

Mind pastebinning your server's openvpn config file and a sample of one 
that you give a friend? Are you using certificates or user/password for 

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