running windows boot partition in ubuntu

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Mon Feb 1 12:59:06 UTC 2010

James Bensley wrote:
> No you can't run your already installed copy of Windows. Some apps you
> may be able to get running with Wine otherwise VirtualBox is for
> running a virtual machine. You need to read about what a virtual
> machine is and how they work. Also see Xen and Qemu.
> You can't use your existing Windows partition unless you can make an
> image out of it and convert it to say a virtual box VDisk (I believe)
> however how feasible this is, is a question beyond me.

	I have very little experience with VDisk but I have one on my 
9.04 system. The existing Windows partition can, maybe be put 
on the VDisk with dd.

	Look at man dd and what you do is tell dd to copy the 
existing Windows partition to the VDisk. I think this can 
work, but I have not tried it.

73 Karl


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