Office 2010

Steven Susbauer steven at
Tue Aug 31 01:36:11 UTC 2010

Chadley Wilson wrote:
> Hey All,
> Potentially dangerous question for the list!
> So now I just cannot leave my Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit alone.
> Yeah, the winbloze networking can be tricky and yeah, my new star craft won't work and yeah... I could go on.
> But the desktop is awesome, I love it to bits...
> So how can I run Office 2010 in my Ubuntu?
> Wine or some better emulator?
> I need .Net framework in order for it to install ;(
> PS:
> I know all the open source fanatics are going to jump in on this one, and even if I say my reasons are none of your business, you guys will still want to fight. So the reason why I want Office 2010, is because open office advanced formulas are not compatible with MS office, and visa versa...
> Open Office lacks modern means of navigation and interface, and I hate getting a pop up window every time I delete a value in a cell. Basically for me, Open office still looks like Office 97. It totally blows. As new as the underlying code may be, the interface sucks.
> So even though the MS OS sucks and lacks decent desktop effects, their office package is awesome.

Crossover office is a paid program which is designed to allow for such 
things, it may be worth looking into if you can't use it in wine. It may 
or may not support Office 2010 which is still very new.

You may also find it's not a bad plan to run Windows in a Virtual 
Machine, and of course there is the option of dual booting. A computer 
is a tool, and if the software available for Ubuntu does not work to 
your standards, there is no shame in using something that does.

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