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> >Not really. He seems to have a lot of VB macros and stuff.
> I always suspect that over-complicated speadsheets full of macros mean that the wrong application is being used.  A database application would probably do the job far more efficiently, and the output could then be routed to a spreadsheet if desired.
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This is not necessarily so. I worked in a contact centre for a large
government department. We had a lot of spreadsheet apps which collected
information and then converted the data to text and emailed it off to
the processing teams.  

You might say that was not the best way to do it, but the fact remains
that if you have a lot of apps like that developed with MS tools, you
will have a big job on you hands to re-program it all for OOo.  I see it
as a major blocker for conversion from MS Office to OOo.


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