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>> >Not really. He seems to have a lot of VB macros and stuff.
>> I always suspect that over-complicated speadsheets full of macros mean
>> that the wrong application is being used.  A database application would
>> probably do the job far more efficiently, and the output could then be
>> routed to a spreadsheet if desired.
>> Disclaimer
> This is not necessarily so. I worked in a contact centre for a large
> government department. We had a lot of spreadsheet apps which collected
> information and then converted the data to text and emailed it off to
> the processing teams.
> You might say that was not the best way to do it, but the fact remains
> that if you have a lot of apps like that developed with MS tools, you
> will have a big job on you hands to re-program it all for OOo.  I see it
> as a major blocker for conversion from MS Office to OOo.

A lot of these spreadsheet apps shouldn't have been written in a
spreadsheet at all. Not in Excel, not in OpenCalc.
I *know* how these things grow organically and bottom-up. Trust me, I
*really* know. Ulcers upon ulcers. But somewhere along the line somebody
has to stand up and stop those monstrosities. Sometimes I am that person.
I have been able to kill a few Excel monsters and have it rewritten by
*real* developers in a *real* programming language.

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