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Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Mon Aug 30 11:09:25 UTC 2010

2010/8/30 Chadley Wilson <chadleyw at>:
>> > PS:
>> > I know all the open source fanatics are going to jump in on this one, and
>> even if I say my reasons are none of your business, you guys will still want to
>> fight. So the reason why I want Office 2010, is because open office advanced
>> formulas are not compatible with MS office, and visa versa...
>> > Open Office lacks modern means of navigation and interface, and I hate
>> getting a pop up window every time I delete a value in a cell.
>> It's becuase you use the delete key. Use the backspace key instead.
>> It's also possible (and easy) to change the shortcuts as you wish. I, for
>> instance, delete with the delete key without a popup, and if I want a popup I
>> use the backspace key.
>> >
> [>]
> @ Johnny,
> Thank you for your concerns, I shall reword my thoughts in future... Just to close off the OO discussion.
> As I tried to say, I am not interested in what the fanatics say, I just want to run my Ubuntu desktop with Microsoft Office 2010.
> What I think about OO should be generally accepted as my point of view. It is not open for debut. So either you help me or you don't. It is your choice.
> Since 2007 I have looked at Open Office on every release. Macros, VB code and many formula's ( which use more than one statement of code) are not compatible. This is a fact. The recoding of formula and macros to OO is astronomical, and impractical for such advanced spread sheets.
> Unfortunately we live in a Microsoft business world, there are but a few companies being brave enough to try and run Linux platforms and open source. You might be aware that I am not your average end user.
> My spread sheets are not basic. They are almost fully fledged applications on their own. They will never work in Open office, and even if I did do them over in open office, I can't send Open Office spread sheets to people running Microsoft. Therefore my basic platform is MS Office. No negotiation.
> I love eye candy, it gives my  over-powered PC something to do. Wobbly burning dissolving windows are super cool for me. If I look at the basic layout of OO, to me it just the same basic layout as Office 97. Top Menu bar, and Icon bars. It's boring.

Well, I love eye candy too. I use the cube (in Compiz Fusion) allt he
time with skydome, 3D-windows when rotating, I even had fish inside
the cube a while ago, and I have 16 desktop areas (4 cubes) which I
also select with the Expo feature. It's really nice and I even have
the same setup on my little Eee PC 900, but I had to tweak the
settings a bit to keep things smooth.
About icon bars in and things like that, I am more of a
keyboard guy. I guess I should just hide all icon bars, but for some
reason I didn't, but I don't use them much… And I didn't even bother
to learn all the shortcuts, but there are hundreds of them on the
other hand, so now and then I click an icon or use a menu.
Anyway, this is probably mostly a question about taste and priority.

> So you have my reasons, I generously provided them so that you will have an understanding of why I specifically do not like Open Office.
> So if you have any tips for me please I am an very capable guy, let's have them so that the list is productive for others.

Well, sorry. My tip is VirtualBox, but someone else already gave you
that, and I think I did too. Make sure you have a lot of memory when
you run VirtualBox (and similar software), but I guess you already
have and that you already knew that.

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

> Once again Thank you
Well, that wasn't much to thank for, but still, you're welcome…  :)

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