Git connection Timeout probelm

Chadley Wilson chadleyw at
Thu Aug 26 06:59:00 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I am busy try to setup an Android repo.

I keep getting a timeout error while initializing the repo.
My OS is Lucid LTS vanilla, my internet connection via unauthenticated proxy is working perfectly as I have already used synaptic and apt to install all the dev tools I need.

The command I am running is directly off the Android site:

Initializing a Repo client

 1.  Create an empty directory to hold your working files:
$ mkdir mydroid
$ cd mydroid
 2.  Run "repo init" to bring down the latest version of Repo with all its most recent bug fixes. You must specify a URL for the manifest:
$ repo init -u git://
    *   If you would like to check out a branch other than "master", specify it with -b, like:
$ repo init -u git:// -b cupcake

Has anyone here got experience with this that can assist me please?

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