Wiping data from a hard drive.

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 19:52:23 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-08-25 at 23:20 +1000, Basil Chupin wrote:
>  have HDs now in their 8th or so year of usage (Quantums, Maxtors) but 
> these new drives now predominantly made in China are just ****.
> I would like to also thank everyone who responded to my post - Thanks guys!

I remember reading, back when, that you could put a harddrive into a
freezer overnight and that it would run, for a bit, the next day. Dunno
if that works. I think you should go for Brigitte Nelson. You'll
probably have more luck. :) Ric 

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