Vertical, title-based window switcher

Grant Heaslip me at
Mon Aug 23 00:43:47 UTC 2010

On Sun, 22 Aug 2010, NoOp wrote:

> Perhaps:
> Previous Window (All Desktops)
> <Shift><Alt>Tab
> would suffice? If not, you might want to explore the compiz settings,
> features & plugins:

I've already changed <Alt>Tab and <Shift><Alt>Tab to <Super>j and 
<Super>k. This helped a lot, but it's still way easier if I have a list of 
windows so I know how many times I'll need to hit k to get to where I'm 
looking for (i.e. I know where my target is). When all I have is a bunch 
of nearly-identical thumbnails to work with, I end up having to evaluate 
each window one-by-one, which slows me down a lot.

> You might also like the Windows Previews:
> You just slide your mouse over the window for a preview.

It's a nice feature, but I want something that I can use from the 

Thanks for taking the time to send out a reply!

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