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GaryT taig at
Sat Aug 21 18:22:34 UTC 2010

Good one! Colin, thanks.
Hadn't realised that question would arise.

A: I watch it very closely  ;-)

Yes, either it's a 'plant' or an existing Ubuntu program modified, and 
it runs immediately I start Ubuntu and log onto the Internet.  I'm new 
to this Linux system, having used Windows for 20+ years, and while it's 
good, there aren't (or don't seem to be) the monitoring tools available 
that one needs. The learning process is slow.

I was hoping that someone with serious Linux programing experience might 
be able to offer some suggestions.


Colin Law wrote:
> On 21 August 2010 05:29, GaryT <taig at> wrote:
>> Once upon a time I had installed the BBC news service onto Firefox, so
>> that it was available from an RSS button, somewhere up on the toolbar.
>> That was long ago.
>> Now I've found that Ubuntu is still checking in to the BBC service every
>> time I start the machine.  I want to stop it.

> I am not sure whether I can help but I am interested to know how you
> know that Ubuntu is checking in to the BBC service on startup.  This
> may give a clue on how to stop it.
> Colin

>> Can someone tell me where/how to find the cause.  Where and what would
>> be causing this to happen.  Firefox does not start when the computer
>> starts, so it must be something that was installed at the time.
>> Much appreciated
>> GaryT
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