BIOS too old

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Thu Aug 19 17:55:51 UTC 2010

I think the original developer of the BIOS is in a retirement home by now, or 
may be he got shot.

I search for the BIOS update, there does not seem to be one. It's for a Toshiba 
Satellite 1115-S103 laptop.


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On 19/08/2010 15:49, Johnny Lee wrote:
> Hello,
> I think this issue probably had been brought up before. But I can't 
> find a satisfactory answer in the Ubuntu support database yet.
> I think my BIOS (Windows XP) is too old. It can only boot from floppy 
> drive, dvd drive, network, and hard drive (in that order). I got to 
> the step of having Ubuntu 10.04 on a USB stick but I can't boot from 
> it. What can I do?
> Thanks,
> Johnny

Send the BIOS to the retirement home :-) - or shoot it if it's in agony.

I have the same problem with one of my motherboards - it just cannot 
boot from an USB stick :-( . Too old....seen better days...

Unless of course there is an upgrade to that BIOS. Have you checked?


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