Is it just me, or is there a reason for it?

Patton Echols p.echols at
Fri Aug 13 15:35:42 UTC 2010

Amedee Van Gasse wrote:
> Op 12-08-10 21:16, R Kimber schreef:
>> On Thu, 12 Aug 2010 13:33:22 -0400
>> Tom H wrote:
>>> Furthermore, if for some silly reason, Ubuntu developers decided to
>>> make logs less verbose, imagine the "fun" in getting someone to enable
>>> verbose logging in order to give this list, for example, enough
>>> information to help that person.
>> Sorry I forgot to reply to this second bit.
>> Of course not having the right information would be a nightmare, but I'm
>> suggesting there's too much useless information. Can you explain what
>> useful information is provided in the particular messages I
>> quoted that would be necessary for the list to help users with problems?
>> - Richard.
> Richard,
> What is better: too much logging or too little logging?

Goldilocks logging?

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