Where Ubu fails. Was: Re: Karl - grub2 and ext2/ext3/ext4

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Fri Aug 13 01:38:42 UTC 2010

>> I still don't get it, I suppose.  Where does Ubuntu fail for you?  If
>> it is in the newest release maybe you'd be happier if, as with Debian,
>> you stayed with the tried and true, still supported next-to-last LTS.
>> The newest is often not (yet) the best/most stable.
> To date
> pulse audio
> grub2
> ext4

Sounds like good ol' version fatigue to me.   And I don't mean to sound 
unsympathetic..  been there, done that,, hell, I raged when Mandriva 
switched from lpr to cups....

Alas for us old guys, software moves on, and Ubuntu exists for those who 
want newer stuff than Debian stable.. Why should Ubuntu just be another 
Debian?  There would be no need for 2 distros doing the same thing.

You like Debian, lots of people like Debian, enough to keep Debian 
stable as a full featured, maintained and up to date option... Good for 
them, good for you,,,, why do you insist on being here trying to 
convince Ubuntu that they should be doing the same thing?  This 
discussion, including my own contribution to it, is nothing but noise. 
Any signal was lost.. (Oh, wait, this was a Karl thread, there never was 
signal, my bad)

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