Please try: Can you post to this blog? - Anonymous Posting, & Mozilla Firefox email list - My attempts don't work. ; jor Ubuntu

giovanni_re john_re at
Wed Aug 11 19:51:09 UTC 2010

On Wed, 11 Aug 2010 14:22:37 -0500, "Tom Browder" I
> > If you'd like to try it anonymous & let me know how that works for you,
> > I'd appreciate that also.  But, someone did mention that they posted
> Aha, I tried anonymously and it did NOT work.

Interesting.  Maybe anon posting is not fully working at that website?

One other fact.  I have to set the Firefox  "about:config" "firefox"
browser to an empty string (just delete the setting) for my firefox to
work through my ISP: MetroPCS cell phone company.

Seems unlikely, but maybe blogspot is trying to do something specific
with the particular type of browser, & no browser name is confusing it.

BTW, I also sent my original post on this topic to the mozilla-firefox
list at the same time as to the ubuntu list, &  today I got a
nondelivered in 6 hours message from my mail provider.  Looking at that
list, traffic is way low for the past few days (but, there is traffic
getting through).  So, maybe mozilla is having problems with their
mailing server.  Perhaps if they get that fixed, & my post gets through
to that list, then there might be more data from people on that list.

Anyone else want to try making a post about this to the
support-firefox at  list?

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