Solved!: is it ok to disable the complete fsck for every startup?

Res res at
Wed Aug 11 01:15:10 UTC 2010

On Tue, 10 Aug 2010, Robert Swanson wrote:

> Thanks for the tips.  I went into /etc/fstab and adjusted the numbers at the
> end of each line that I wanted to edit from 0  2 to 0  0

Therein lies the problem, it needs to "dump" the FS, so that  0  2 should 
have been 1  1 if its /  , and 1  2  for any otehr mounted partition, try 
it :)

In fact, I insist, because all your doing is telling fsck to "not give a 
damn" but at the same time the corruption risk is still very very real and 
likely occuring.


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