[10.04]Best Method To Replace Video Card?

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>  Hi!
> Turn off the machine. Remove the old card. Plug in the new card. Reboot
> the machine.
> Come back and report success to the mailing list.
> Should be that simple.
> You might be suggested to install an updated proprietary driver... do so. :)
> Gilles.
> On 03/08/2010 16:28, Jesse Palser wrote:
>>   [10.04]Best Method To Replace Video Card?
>> Hi,
>> I want to upgrade my video card on my Ubuntu 10.04 32bit computer.
>> I am upgrading my nVidia GeForce 8400GS to an nVidia GeForce GT 240.
>> I am running current stock nVidia driver that Ubuntu has certified.
>> Reason for this upgrade is because StarCraft 2 is too slow in Wine 1.2.
>> I want to avoid a full reinstall of the Ubuntu operating system.
>> What is the best method to do this upgrade of graphic card?
>> Thought I would swap cards and then boot into Ubuntu
>> and install the current nVidia 256.44 drivers?
>> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>> Thanks...
>> Jesse
  From my experience of frying a good video card and motherboard, I  
highly suggest that you turn switch on the back of the case off or  
unplug it.  When I turned my PC off and removed the side cover, I  
noticed that a red monitor light on the motherboard was still on.  I  
went ahead and pulled the good video card out.  That shot both the  
card and motherboard!  I had to buy new card and motherboard for  
replacement.  Please unplug the case before you pull the card out to  
put a new one in.  Thank you.  Jim

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