Moving the /Home Partition, Permission Issues.

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>> Subject: Moving the  /Home Partition, Permission Issues.
>> I'm getting ready to install 10.4 (8.04 currently), and I need to
>> rearrange some partitions in preparation.
>> I need to move my /Home partition out of the way temporarily and the
>> only place I have to move it to is an NTFS drive that can't be changed.
>> I can handle all of the repartitioning with GParted without a problem,
>> but I'm weak when it comes to Linux file/folder permission issues.
>> Are there issues here? How do I do this safely?
>> If you can point me to a guide, that would be great. The more
>> cookbookish the better.
> have you considered moving it to an external drive for the duration??
> when I upgrade I often will get a new hard drive, put the new stuff on the 
> new hard drive and run the second (original) drive as a "Slave" in case of 
> emergency you can then still just unplug the new drive and boot from the 
> old one.
> Bob
It's the permissions I'm concerned about. I don't think it will matter 
if the NTFS drive is internal or external, I'm just concerned about it 
being NTFS.

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