Ubuntu 9.10 and OpenLDAP

Arun Shrimali arun.reso at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 11:52:02 UTC 2010

Dear All,

 I am fascinated with the idea of single directory server which preserve all
the details of the users and would be used for the authentication for all
the applications.

 Thus I am planning to setup Ubuntu 9.10 server with OpenLDAP. And
authenticate the users openldap for SAMBA (PDS), Squid and Mail.

 But I have few queries :


   Do I have to create users on the server and sync with the OpenLDAP (as I
   am doing for samba right now) OR will create user directly over OpenLDAP ?

   How the user over network will be able to change their password ?

   Which is the best GUI to manage OpenLDAP, Smaba and Squid. I am planning
   for Webmin ?

   Is there any best “how to” for setting up for Ubuntu 9.10 and OpenLDAP


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