wacom bamboo on 10.04

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Fri Apr 23 13:25:23 UTC 2010

> > Thanks for the reply and you are quite correct, I did not explain my
> > problem. The Bamboo is recognised and works as a mouse in Gimp. I have a
> > small script which sets up the buttons on the tablet and pen which
> > worked well on 9.04 and 9.10 but which does not work on 10.04. It is
> > this script or something similar that I need to work.
> Ahhh... ok.  You should probably mention this on the list too, instead
> of directly to me.

Agreed, the point is your reply went directly to me and not to the list.
> Since I have a less fancy tablet than you do, I only have one button
> to deal with :-)  and it works as I need it to... Someone on the list
> with actual hardware to look at may be better able to help you sort
> out your script, but that being said, I'd be happy to look over it and
> see if I notice anything glaringly obvious...

Thanks for your offer, the script is attached.


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