Need email server aid

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at
Thu Apr 22 13:28:34 UTC 2010

Chuck Kuecker wrote:
> Christopher Chan wrote:
>> On Thursday, April 22, 2010 08:45 AM, Hal Burgiss wrote:
>>> On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 8:34 PM, Christopher Chan
>>> <christopher.chan at>  wrote:
>>>> That's not a unknown sender domain problem, that's postfix doing the
>>>> right thing. I suspect the OP forgot to enable authentication on his
>>>> mail client.
>>> But why would he want to do that with an embedded system on a LAN?
>>> Simpler just to use ip based authentication.
>> Embedded systems do support setting up smtp authentication. His system's 
>> ip was not exactly internal you know...
> My device better be internal now! If somehow my 192.168.0.x net is 
> available to the world, I need to know about it!
> device at is an arbitrary email address I gave the gadget to let 
> me know where an email is coming from. there's no DNS resolution for 

Whether is a resolvable is not a problem for postfix 
with the way you have configured it. not resolving would be 
another matter but since postfix did not reject you based on your 
domain, I'd say you had no problem given that that is the first check in 
your config.

> As long as the gadget can contact an arbitrary email server to send and 
> receive, ultimately, I'm doing OK. If this requires more than the really 
> simple code I am playing with, I have no problem adding a package to 
> handle that - I just want to get the smallest package possible.

Hey, you could get a smtp session started...I don't see why you need to 
add a package at the moment until we figure out just what your problem 
is, if your box is internal as you say.

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