DANGER!!! Problems with 10.04 installer (RAID devices *will* get corrupted)

Alvin Thompson alvin at thompsonlogic.com
Thu Apr 22 04:48:04 UTC 2010

On 04/22/2010 12:18 AM, Christopher Chan wrote:
> You mentioned md0 aka a Linux software raid array and therefore do not
> have any 'raid' devices setup in BIOS.


> The 'raid' bios will not,
> therefore, attempt to do anything on your disk.

I don't have a RAID BIOS at all, and in the case of bug 191119, the 
reporter's BIOS did not attempt to do anything to the disk except 
assemble the RAID array AFTER the install.  Assembling a RAID array does 
not modify the data.  It was the installer that wrote to a drive that 
was a part of the RAID array, and when the computer was rebooted the 
BIOS could not reassemble the array because that drive was hosed.

> Otherwise, it would have
> trashed your md0 a long time ago.

Once again, assembling an array does not modify your data.  It simply 
means that the hardware (or software for software RAID) combines 
multiple disks or partitions to create a single virtual device.

  Please STOP adding comments to those
> bug reports because you have just completely confused the issues.
> #191119 (sorry Xander - missed the part where it says Alvin made the
> comment) has NOTHING to do with what you are currently seeing.

Actually, it appears you are the one who's unclear one what assembling 
an array does, exactly.  This is the same issue.

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