How to recover deleted files

Odd iodine at
Mon Apr 19 11:36:58 UTC 2010

Vijay Shanker Dubey wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 2:30 PM, Hakan Koseoglu wrote:
>> Nevertheless, I really wonder who told you deleting something means 
>> unmounting. You don't delete a drive on Windows when you want to 
>> remove it.
> Sorry to say. But i am not agree with you. Mounting means pointing
> some hard disk space in the file system to my /media directory. If I
> am deleting a pointer why should my data at the pointer will be
> deleted. All I want to know is this much.
> There is another thing like symliks(shortcuts in windows). I thought
> of mounting as this only. It is ridiculous if Deleting a shortcut
> will cause the data to be deleted. :(

I'm puzzled why you would think a Linux mount point is the same
as a shortcut in Windows. Linux is not Windows, just as MacOS
is not Windows. I you want other OSes to behave like Windows,
I suggest it would be more logical to stay with Windows.

Doing random stuff in the Windows console can easily get you into
trouble too.

> By the way No body told me that. It was my intuition and I did not 
> verify. My Fault of course.  Learned the lesion very hard way.

I hope you also learned the value in having backups? Because
that's the real lesson of this story.


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