How to recover deleted files

Hakan Koseoglu hakan at
Sun Apr 18 16:00:06 UTC 2010


> On 04/18/2010 06:17 AM, Vijay Shanker Dubey wrote:
>> A little while back i decided to delete the mounting of the data
>> partition and i fired command `rm -r /media/windrive-a/`. To give me a
>> shock; all my data on data drive is gone.
>> Now, I know this is not the command to remove mounted partition. But I
>> have committed the wrong. Is there any way i can get my data back.
>> These are very important data for me.
First of all, do not anything else on that partition to prevent any
other damage.
After that try installing ntfsprogs package and ntfsundelete command
with the scan option.
Good luck.

Hakan (m1fcj) -

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