How to recover deleted files

Karl Larsen klarsen1 at
Sun Apr 18 15:38:21 UTC 2010

On 04/18/2010 06:17 AM, Vijay Shanker Dubey wrote:
> Hi
> My laptop has two os. one is windows vista. and other is Ubuntu. I am 
> currently on ubuntu system, this is my primary OS.
> There are 4 partitions of my hard disk
>  1. Windows OS
>  2. Linux(Ubuntu OS)
>  3. Data

         You list just 3 partitions. Did you miss the Linux swap partition?

> Now the problem part. The data partition is NTFS. I have mounted this 
> partition on the location `/media/windrive-a` under ubuntu OS.
> A little while back i decided to delete the mounting of the data 
> partition and i fired command `rm -r /media/windrive-a/`. To give me a 
> shock; all my data on data drive is gone.
     In Linux, when you use rm -r it deletes the whole tree including 
all files. When you delete a Linux file it is gone.

73 Karl

> Now, I know this is not the command to remove mounted partition. But I 
> have committed the wrong. Is there any way i can get my data back. 
> These are very important data for me.
> Please suggest.
> Regards,
> Vijay Shanker Dubey


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