Installing Ubuntu in a very poor performace machine...

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at
Tue Apr 13 06:55:46 UTC 2010

Hi arshad,

arshad schrieb:
> A friend of mine needs to have Ubuntu installed in his machine which has
> 10GB HDD, 128mb RAM, 32mb VGA, 800GHz processor.
Try to get more RAM (buy a used one)
> I tried installing hardy, jaunty and karmic but all got stuck in the
> middle for some reasons i don't know. I think its due to the low
> resources of the machine.
> Is it possible to install jaunty in his hdd by plugging it into my
> motherboard?
> mine is a core to duo and all other specifications are different from
> him.
> please give some advice.
> thanks a lot.
these links point to to tables of the minimum specifications of several 
linux and ubuntu distributions. The site is in german it may give you 
hints where to look further.


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