Lucid instal probs (more) corrrection

Fred Roller fred at
Mon Apr 12 19:34:31 UTC 2010

On 04/12/2010 02:32 PM, Grizzly wrote:
> Hi All
> Well  now I've got all four .ISO's (Beta1&  Alt,  Beta2&  Alt) and still no joy
> getting it to install,
> Beta 1 installed but hung on the logo screen with five (static) red dots
Hit escape as soon as you pass grub during the live distro boot (as soon 
as the splash screen comes up.).  This should escape you to the more 
traditional install screen which opens some options for you.

Are you on a laptop or desktop?  If the former then try one of the no 
acpi options, mine hung on the power management.

Also, if on a desktop, do you have a generic video card you can swap the 
nvidia card out with (temporarily) given the nvidia issues with this distro?

> Beta 1 Alt Upgrade took 9+ hours and hung during the process
> Beta 2 Menu cycles thru the 5 second count down  no matter what menu option you
> choose
> Beta 2 Alt Upgrade took 8+ hours and gave an orange screen (I think it re-
> booted but not sure, done over night)
> Beta 2 Alt Upgrade took 6 ish hours but I sat and watched every dam minute, it
> then returned a "Sorry your upgrade failed" after the timer had passed no time
> left,  It was prosessing one of the Pyhton Triggers  just before the message
> My systen is not cutting edge so hardware should not be a prob
> AMD Athlon 2600XP
> 1gb Ram (2x512 PC2700)
> nVidia MX440
> 9.10 worked but would not install to my External USB Partition, it wanted to
> (and did) over write my existing data partition

Try using the Start up disk creator.  If that doesn't work then do the 

     1. Re-create a partition on the external drive.
     2. Format to ext3 (or fs of choice)
     3. umount the external drive.  Assume it's /dev/sdc1.
     4. dd if=[location of .iso file] of=/dev/sdc1 conv=notrunc

This should create an external live distro.  Hope it helps.


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