Lucid Beta 2 doesn't see CD blanks

Karl Larsen klarsen1 at
Mon Apr 12 14:41:46 UTC 2010

On 04/12/2010 08:03 AM, Li Li wrote:
> My Lucid beta 2 install (updated completely [I think] at about 1200 UTC
> Monday) doesn't detect known good CD or CD-RW blanks.  This computer
> dual boots Mint-8 and everything works perfectly well there.  In fact,
> that's where I made the CD I installed Lucid from.
> If I open Nautilus to "Computer" with no CD blank inserted I see a
> CD-DVD listing for both my DVD reader and my DVD-CD writer (generic PATA
> units, known good).  If I insert a blank CD-R in the writer the line in
> the Nautilus display for it vanishes immediately, the busy light for the
> writer flashes a while and the hard disk busy light activates as
> normally happens.  No icon for "blank CD" appears on the desktop as it
> does in Mint.  Brasero insists that there is no writable medium in the
> drive!
> I can read already-written CDs and DVDs in the writer just fine.
> I don't have any idea of how to troubleshoot this.
         I have Lucid Beta2 on my laptop and just checked and a blank cd 
brought up the panel to do things with a cd. So I think your problem is 
computer caused.

73 Karl


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