Unattended uodate?

Grizzly Real_Grizz_Adams at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 10 07:11:38 UTC 2010

On 09 April 2010 at 16:24, NoOp 
Enlightened me with this:-Re: Unattended uodate?

>On 04/09/2010 11:14 AM, Grizzly wrote:
>> Hi All
>> Just wondered is therea way toget the upgrade (9.10 >10.04 beta2)  from Alt CD 
>> to run unatteded?
>> I know it will stop at 
>> a Warning about losing apps (Bluetooth, Chess ets)
>> then Grub CMD line
>> after that I don't know coz patience runs out that late at night (when else is 
>> there that many hours of down time)
>Not that I'm aware of; I suppose that you could write a script to do
>this, but I'm not sure how you'd handle the questions when they pop up
>as you wouldn't know what they could be. You know that you can do an
>offline upgrade with an altCD. Much faster than waiting for all the
>updates to download.

I have the beta2 altCD ran the update from there answered the questions and 
left it toget on with it 

that was 23:00 Friday,now 08:00 Sat  I have a orange blank screen with no icons 
or borders 

on reboot it gets to checking battery state and stays there

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