Ubuntu 10.04 BETA1 (Lucid)

Grizzly Real_Grizz_Adams at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 6 06:51:03 UTC 2010

On 05 April 2010 at 21:29, Fred A. Miller 
Enlightened me with this:-Re: Ubuntu 10.04 BETA1 (Lucid)

>On 04/05/2010 02:55 PM, Grizzly wrote:
>> On 5 Apr 2010 at 23:34, Basil Chupin wrote: Ubuntu 10.04 BETA1 (Lucid) (at
>> least in part)
>>> This is not meant to provoke a desktop or a distro war, so read it in
>>> this light.
>> Can I "upgrade" to 10.4(beta) from 9.10 direct or do I need to start a fresh?
>You can upgrade.....I did one 2 days ago

I tried last night, expected time to install was 2:49 @ 23:00 it dropped to 
2:30 by 23:48 (getting mew packages) so I went to bed and left it running :-<

This morning @ 07:30 it was up to 3:26 (installing packages) so I gave up

should it take that long to upgrade, I havnt got the fastest ADSL line but it 
does run @ 1.4mb 

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