Upstart problem - apache, ssh daemon not running

Carsten Agger agger at
Thu Apr 1 16:57:53 UTC 2010

Luis Paulo wrote:
> Right
> So you say everything works fine with net on boot, but no net on boot 
> and apache, sshd and cups stop working (immediately after boot?)
> Any other symptoms that may help? Like you disconnect net after boot and 
> all remains ok, etc?
> nothing interesting on /var/log/messages or syslog, dmesg, when booting 
> without net?
Hi, I tried:

Reboot with 0.6.3-10, see that all services start fine.

Upgrade to 0.6.3-11 again, reboot, services NOT running.

Nothing special in /var/log/messages, syslog, auth.log, kern.log, debug 
or daemon.log.

Downgrade to 0.6.3-10, once again the services are running fine. As I 
say, this is on Ubuntu 9.10.

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