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Steve Lamb grey at
Wed Sep 16 08:49:07 UTC 2009

Patton Echols wrote:
> Follow up (Hijacking my own thread?) Since it is still windows, it will 
> be susceptible to virii just like a hardware box.  But everything has to 
> go through the host system, so would clamav on the ubuntu host protect 
> windows?


> Or does it need it's own av solution?


    clamav is not an active scanner much less an active, network-traffic
scanner (does such a thing exist!?).  The best way to think about it is that
the VM is a separate box and act accordingly.  Obviously there are things you
can do with a VM that you can't do with a real box (make a backup of the
image, utilize snapshots inside the image, etc) but within the context of the
VM it is a real machine with all the concerns you would have as if it were the
sole OS on a real machine.

> Since there are very few programs that need windows at all, and most of 
> the risk factors are not there, I am reluctant to install a full on 
> Antivirus suite, but don't want to be stupid about it either. 

    Well, are they networked?  Do you plan on using the internet from that
box?  Will all the incoming and outgoing files come from a share on the host
and only after an active AV scan on the host?  If so you could probably get
away with not having AV on the guest.

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